Our Story


I am Cali Burzota the founder of Bello Lane Décor & Design.

After my husband and I sold our printing and graphic design business of 18 years, I opened a home décor retail store. I collaborated with my daughter Tawni, and two other artisans to fill the store with new home decor and furniture pieces, one of a kind creations and took on custom refinishing projects for our customers. At the same time I opened the doors to our small retail store I began selling staple decor pieces along with seasonal décor online. As the business grew, we began receiving requests from customers to help them decorate their homes or to decorate for a special event. I made the decision to close our brick & mortar store and focus on our online sales and local client projects.

This also led Tawni to take a more serious look at a career change and begin course work in Interior Design. After receiving her accreditation and beginning her own business, Tawni sourced pieces for her local designs projects from Bello Lane which would allow her to earn a higher profit than the standard commission.  Needing to build her online client projects she began working with design service platforms that had the client and hire designers to work up the designs. Once she began, she immediately received her first few online clients, but soon became frustrated because she was not able to serve her clients as well or in the manner she wanted.

The platform's process created timelines out of her control, with no real support or valuable learning tools. The platform's focus was not to serve the designer, but rather, to sell large volumes of products through their designs. What I have noticed with most of these platforms is, they pay the designer a small design fee and a very small commission on the sale of the product and they also have the expectation that the designer is to act as the sales agent and the service department, handling all questions and issues the clients have. Witnessing how some Edesign service platforms treat online interior designers became a motivator for me to create a better way for Edesigners to build their own practices, achieve a higher earning potential and serve their ideal clients better.

The affiliate link program works well for Edesigners that have built their own systems and processes, but it doesn't allow the e-designer to make much profit for the work they did to get the customer to buy. Like the service platforms, the online stores that have affiliate link programs use the influencers to sell large volumes of highly competitive products that are found all over the web.

Bello Lane Décor and Design is building a different structure, one that is focused on the Edesigner and helping them serve their clients better.

Designers in our membership are able to source pieces from a large selection of valued vendors with no minimum order requirements, earn 20% of the purchase price, source pieces that can't be shopped online, and create recurring revenue from groupings without the hassles of running an online retail site.

To help our members build strong structures we are creating a community platform where our members can find specialized help and information, expert advice and courses on specific topics.

It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, long days with little time off to start and grow any business, an online business is no different, in some aspect, there are even more challenges.

I believe by collaborating together we all can grow and prosper.

Cali Burzota

Founder of Bello Lane décor & design