Process and Instructions


STEP 1 - Take a short questionnaire  This will help us to understand the scope of your project, the dreams you have for your space, the style you like, and the budget to work with.


    STEP 2 - Send us photos  Be sure to take photos of the room from all angles and draw a diagram of the floor plan of the room.

    Photo of an empty living room to be decorated by Bello Lane Decor & Design    Photo of an empty living room to be decorated by Bello Lane Decor & Design   

    Instructions on how to sketch your room for an e-design with Bello Lane Decor & Design   

    STEP 3 - Send us inspiration photos  Collect pictures of the style you envision for your room on Pinterest, create a board just for this project and send a link/invitation to collaborate with  This is a very important step to make sure our vision for the look and design of the room is the same as yours.

    A screen shot of Bello Lane's Pinterest boards

    STEP 4 - Purchase your package design  Once we have all your information and you've purchased your design package, we'll get started with the fun part, the design phase. 

    STEP 5 - Keep communication clear and responsive Responding quickly to questions and a design board proof will ensure the project is completed on time.

    STEP 6 - Personal Shopping Collection We will create your own private collection of pieces for your room, making it easy to purchase a few items at a time or everything all at once and save money.  

    STEP 7 - The Set-up   Once you've received all your pieces, all you need to do is follow the design plan when placing them in your room. Don't worry we'll even let you know how high to hang something.

    TADA!! You're all done  


    If you live in the Boise Idaho area give us a call, 1.208.901.7001 for an in-home consultation and installation.