Meet Tawni Marie Interiors

Closeup photo of Tawni Marie the Interior Designer are Bello Lane Decor and Design           Hello, I am so glad you stopped by!

I am a professional Interior Designer in the Boise Idaho area, and the only one to provide flexible interior design services that are accessible and affordable to everyone, everywhere.  Offering online E-design services as well as the local In-home full-service experience.

I love creating designs with neutral color palettes and organic elements with rich hues. Grounded in principles, I love blending design with function and have a great interest in creating spaces that revitalize your mood and elevate your quality of life.  Because, after all, it is important to love the space you live in.  

In my designs, I like to mix and match styles to create spaces that are personal and unique to each client.  Every project I complete you will see a display of contrast:  glam and rustic; traditional and contemporary; sophisticated and casual. 

Whether you're looking to refresh your home or do a full re-design I am here to help you every step of the way. I love working everyone from the DIY'er that just needs a little help, to the client that doesn't quite have the vision and just wants someone else to handle the whole project.  

Top down view of an interior designers workspace and laptop

E-Design Services

E-design is an easy online process and platform, we'll work together so I can get to know your decor style and design needs, to create a custom design plan for you. This experience is great if you have one or two rooms that you'd like to decorate, or if you have a vision in mind, but just need a little extra help and guidance.


Residential Planning & Decorating

Each design project is unique to my Clients’ lifestyle needs and aesthetic wants.  When planning a space I take into consideration the functionality and use of the space to create a home that fits a lifestyle and becomes a warm inviting place for all of those who live there.  Using materials, colors, textures, and patterns that are maintainable for your lifestyle and budget, while not compromising the lasting investment of your home.




Interior designed living room with a fireplace










SOLD across the front of a photo of a house  


Selling Plan & Staging


Selling your home can be a big undertaking, I can help ease some of the frustration. By working with you and your real estate agent we'll come up with a plan that gets you the most out of your investment for the market. One that doesn't have you doing un-need tasks or has unnecessary expenses. 


Airbnb & Vacation Rental

Your focus is to earn an income, my focus is to help you earn the most you can and teach you how can. By showing you how to blend a variety of price point pieces to create high-end luxurious space that optimizes your investment. Designing a vacation rental is very different from designing your home and the Airbnb room for rent falls somewhere in between.  Using proven methods for styling your rental will increase the efficiency of cleaning and lessen the cost of upkeep.  Creating an environment that always feels fresh and new that your guests can't wait to visit again.  


Large tree and house sitting beside a lake