Local Design Service

Ready to get your room design project started?  Here's what happens when you're ready.

1st  - Take a short survey.

We'll email you a few questions to help us understand the scope of your project, style budget, and wish list.


2nd - Collect some inspiration photos.

Create a Pinterest inspiration board, send the link/invitation to collaborate with us to tawni@bellolane.com. Find pictures of rooms that show the style you're envisioning for your space. 

3rd - Schedule a conference call.

Schedule a conference call with Tawni to discuss your design project.

4th - Purchase your design package.

Now the fun begins!  You will receive a preliminary design board and floor plan via email from tawni@bellolane.com within one week.  Review the design, then send a timely response to ensure the best experience. With good communication, we can put together the design plan in just a couple of weeks.