Serving e-designers and e-decorators with better options for increasing revenue.

Bello Lane | Decor by Design provides a procurement avenue and shopping cart services to e-designers and e-decorators. Empowering the designer to offer a more full service program and make more money without any of the hassle of running an online store.

We are partnering with e-designer to offer a better option for a more profitable revenue stream.

In today's world of online shopping your client's could make the decision to shop the pieces you found instead of using the affiliate links you gave them that would earn you a small amount of money. The affiliate link program works well for influencers, it just doesn't allow the e-designer to make much for the work they did to get the customer to buy. As an online retailer we are partnering with e-designers to grow their businesses and their income.


  • custom pieces
  • higher quality pieces
  • a full shopping experience


The manufacturers and distributors we buy from have been vetted by us for their attention to quality and customer service. As a member, you'll have access to source pieces from several different vendors with no comment of a minimum purchase. Create amazing room designs from elite vendors, give your clients the peace of mind knowing we and our vendors stand behind every piece to ensure a quality product and safe delivery. With our sourcing you are able to provide your client with custom pieces.


We buy at the best price points possible, keeping our prices competitive in the marketplace while offering you the best commission rate in the industry at 20%. Commissions are calculated on the Order Verification form and paid out each time your client makes a purchase. We link client purchases with the partnering designer, so no matter when the sale happens the designer gets the credit.


The pieces you source are added to your private personal collection. These pieces are not visible or shop-able by anyone but you and your client. You determine how long a client has access, when your client logs-in they will see all the pieces you have sourced for their design and will be able to purchase pieces in their own timeframe without fear of losing the shopping cart.


A custom shopping cart will be create for you to provide to your client with all the pieces you source through Bello Lane. With no hassle to you, we take care of it all, we are committed to serving your clients with the stelar customer service you do. We keep you informed of purchases and tracking to enable you to follow up with your client after delivery. Purchases are guaranteed for accuracy and quality, we rectify damaged product immediately.


Helping you market your services by featuring you as a collaborating designer, re-share your posts, and spotlight your designs and services in our marketing materials and platforms, enabling our shoppers to find you, see your work and contact you.
You focus on Design - We do the Work - You make Money
Prepping for AirBNB
It's such a beautiful clock; when showing friends and family our re-decorated rooms in preparation for renting them out, one asked where she could get this clock!
Katherine C.
Exceptional Service!
Got my medallion in a few days with the sweetest handwritten note! Would purchase from them again!:)
Dana R.
Wonderful little present
What a great little present this made. Also, despite the careful packing, one of the cups got damaged in shipping, so I sent them an email to let the know. Not only did I promptly get a personal call to apologize, but I also received a replacement free of charge just a few days later. What a great company to deal with, love the personal touch!
euroline i.