About Us

We help expand possibilities, ensure peace of mind, preserve relationships, and improve lives by connecting people, places and things.

Bello Lane, LLC is a family-owned company based in the Boise Idaho area. We connect people with skilled interior designers that transform their spaces with the confidence that Bello Lane, and their brands, stand behind every purchase 110%.

Here at Bello Lane D├ęcor and Design, we strive to alleviate the feeling overwhelm that comes with the endless options people face when decorating their homes. We do this by providing a shopping experience that is effortless and leads in the right direction, helping you find the highest quality and best piece for your budget.

Our ultimate goal is to be of value to you. Helping you expand the possibilities of what your home could be, give you peace of mind knowing we stand behind every purchase, minimize stress to preserve your relationships at home, and help you to create the home that improves the quality of your life.

We are a retailer like no other, we do not place our many catalogs on our website with thousands of options, that would only add to your dilemma of making the right choice. Instead, we do the searching for you. Through the work of our featured designers, you're able to envision what is possible, find pieces you like and work with a designer that will help you make the right purchase.
Our website does offer a small section of pieces, but to find the true treasures contact one of our featured designers and get ready to be spoiled.