How It Works

Inquiries to join the Bello Lane's membership program, must first be verified to be a professional interior designer with a practicing interior design business and website.
Our membership program is broken into two plans. The 6 month trial plan gives the designer a chance to see if it's a right fit. The annual membership plan allows the designer to grow profits all year long.
Authorized designers have access to our list of distributors and manufactures to source from without the worries of high minimum orders or volume requirements and are also represented as our partnering designer with a profile page and a link back to their services.


Bello Lane buys as a collaborative group at the best price points possible allowing the designer to offer competitive pricing while earning a high commission. Commissions are calculated on each project and are paid at a rate of 20% on the item's retailing price for each successful sale.


Bello Lane places all orders with vendors. The interior designer is represented on the order as our partnering designer. This allows the designer's business to be recognized for the order. If the partnering designer were to out grow the need for our services, Bello Lane can help them establish their own account.
Our list of vendors are categorized by price range, type of products sold, and the state(s) from which they are shipped. This is to help the designer quickly find the vendors that will carry the products they want, in the areas closest to their Edesign clients, saving their clients shipping cost and time. We work individually with each partnering designer to competitively price sourced pieces, spotlight benefits, and ensure orders are complete and accurate.
Bello Lane tutors designers in using DesignFiles to easily place pieces into a product list for the clients to approve and to identify Bello Lane as the retailer.


All documents prepared by Bello Lane, identify Bello Lane as a partnering business with the designer. The designers logo, name and information will also be in the header of the document.
Bello Lane prepares and processes order acknowledgements, invoices, payments, and receipts. We also track each order's fulfillment and shipment process.


Bello Lane represents the designer in serving their clients; we do so with integrity to our word and respect to the designer giving clients peace of mind knowing we and our vendors stand behind every piece to ensure a quality product and safe delivery.


Profile pages are created for the designer to showcase work and information which is linked back to the designer's home page so potential clients can easily purchase their service packages.


Partnering designers create room groupings and vignette mood-boards once with products from a single vendor to be placed in our shop-able room grouping collection and link to their profile page. Each time the products in the design sell, the designer receives a 10% commission on the products.


We feature design projects, shop-able room groupings and information from our designers throughout our social media and email campaigns. It is the goal of Bello Lane to continually grow and evolve our marketing strategies to better service our members.


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