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We Love Saltwash!

Do you have a piece of furniture in your home that needs a restyle?  Maybe there is an end table that you love but, the dark wood is starting to feel a little stuffy and outdated. We have the solution to this problem it's the easiest way to get an authentic layered and weathered look.  



Saltwash is an easy to use base coat formula that can be mixed with any brand or type of paint.  This Saltwash formula can be applied to any paintable surface such as wood and metal.  



When mixing the Saltwash formula, you will mix 20 to 25 oz. of Saltwash per quart of paint.  Click here to watch instruction video or print the instruction sheet.



With this mixture painting an old end table like this one is no problem!  The applications for Saltwash are endless.  Hardly any prep work, just make sure it is clean and scratch the top surface is all.  



You will be amazed at how easy DIY projects using Saltwash are.  It looks intimidating at first because it's a different product than we are used to.  But,  you literally cannot mess up an application!



The processes of applying Saltwash is just as important and the formula.  Adding layers of the mixture and layers of regular paint, and the sanding process gives you control on how weathered you want your piece to look.  



So, go on and start up your next project and have fun choosing colors and applying Saltwash layers.  And, when finished with sanding sit back to admire your handy work because there is nothing else like it! 

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  • Nov 28, 2016
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Michelle January 03, 2017

Could you tell me how much the saltwash is please ?

deborah January 07, 2017

where do you get this?

Sue Fowler April 03, 2017

I just saw this demonstrated this past weekend. I bought some and can’t wait to try it out!

Mjwells April 28, 2017

Can I get this in Humboldt County, CA!

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