Modern Day Roosters

Maybe you haven't decorated your kitchen with a theme in mind but, you call it Vintage because your decor is a decade or two old.

It might be time for an update! 

Good news, not everything needs to go!
Just the decor that could have been in your Grandmothers kitchen 30 years ago.
Roosters are a timeless piece in kitchen decor.  They just aren't as cute when they have life-like features, faded paint and chipped edges.
Our ceramic Roosters are a classic item with a touch of whimsical Farmhouse Style.
These cute characters have vibrant colors and curly metal tail feathers.  Instantly bringing your home decor to modern times with an Urban Farmhouse Styleeveryone can enjoy.  

 Taking you back to those warm delicious memories of Grandmas kitchen.

Rooster home decor is exactly what you have been looking for. 


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