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Inspiring Finds of Rustic Recycled Charm

Rustic Recycled Decor for the Home 

I read this story in Readers Digest, Daily Life Jokes and laughed at the thought of what the back stories may tell on some of the pieces we bring into our homes. 

A Place Where Grandkids Belong 

We were tearing down an 
old three-seater outhouse when my neighbor asked if she could have the single-plank, three-hole outhouse seat. I said sure.

Six months later, she invited me 
to her home. There she showed 
off her newly designed family room, complete with a single-plank, 
three-hole picture frame featuring her three grandchildren. 


How awesome is this woman she only saw the potential and didn't let its past stop her from giving it new life. 

Once in awhile you just happen upon a great find.  Or, maybe like the women in the story, subconsciously we are always keeping an eye out for an item to spark our imagination.  Having the perfect place for that "found it by chance" item.

Other times we see something at a flea market, fall in love and just have to have it.  Silly things like where would it go and what would you do with it just don't matter. Because you'll find a spot for it, even if you have to donate some of your husbands' things.  Nevertheless, a tried and true scavenger has no boundaries or limitations to awesome finds.  

No matter the original purpose, you can always find a better way to use it.




The most fun thing about junking is creating new, fun ways to display a great find. 
Like these gears, originally used for mechanical work, are now candle holders.  All cleaned up and lacquered, they seem to wear repurposed well in this new setting.

Pulley Hook



Unfortunately, we cannot always find truly amazing pieces, like this windmill.  Rarely are they left along the side of the road, and if you could get your hands on a real windmill it would be too darn heavy to hang on the wall!

Hardware Scale Clock


Bicycle Wheel Wall Clock


That's where we specialize, recycled home decor, whether it's made out of recycled metal or made with the inspiration of a great vintage find.  We have collected wonderful pieces that offer an inspired feeling.

Star Metal


Recycled metal that has been aged, cut and welded into shapes like this star are well beyond our talented capabilities.  Making it a must have because it goes above and beyond the ordinary flea market find.


Whether you are looking for rustic recycled home decor or true antiques, shop our store

Let us inspire you to find something that has been tossed to the side, overlooked, and overused and turn it into a showpiece that will have everyone talking and admiring for years to come!

  • Dec 13, 2016
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