Do have old styrofoam pumpkins that have seen better days?  

The chips and nicks on the surfaces are getting harder to hide in arrangments, aren't they?

Well, we have the perfect DIY project for you then!

By using Saltwash you can easily transform those drab old pumpkins to fabulous Urban Farmhouse Fall Decor.  

Now that you have dug out last years Fall Decor, it's time to get started on re-loving those cheap pieces.   
 The steps are quite simple.  First, you dab on the thick Saltwash and paint mixture.  Here a light cream paint color was used.
Then, once the Saltwash layer is completely dry, a dark brown wax was applied.  Making the divots and imperfections really pop. 
That is it!  In those two steps, you have recycled old pumpkins and can start styling your new lovely Fall Decor! Enjoying your own touch on something that is overused, showing off stylophone pumpkins that are now truly unique.

Make it a fun girls night!

Get some friends together to make this great DIY project a group activity!
  • Oct 16, 2016
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