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Pumpkin Wreath

Try something different with your fall wreath this year.  Just as easy to make as the traditional burlap wreaths with twice the cuteness!

Here are all the items you need and step by step instructions on making this cute pumpkin wreath for $35, just in time for Thanksgiving.


After a long stroll through the local Joann Craft Store, I thought that I had everything needed for a fun new wreath.  But, that was not the case!  I ended up with too much  ribbon and a second trip to the store for the forgotten second frame and raffia.


Shopping list

      • 1 Medium Box Wire Wreath Frame - 12 in.
      • 1 Small Box Wire Wreath Frame - 6 in. 
      • 1 Roll of orange or orange patterned burlap
      • 1 Roll of orange ribbon
      • 1 Roll of green burlap
      • Thin Wire
      • 1 Bundle Brown Raffia



Step 1

Using the thin wire connect the small and medium box wire wreath frames together.  I found it easiest to attach wires across the opening of the medium frame first, then to tie the smaller frame on to those crossed wires.



Step 2

Weave in orange burlap on 3/4 of the frame.  Here I chose to use two different types of burlap one with orange polka dots and a thinner solid orange to give the body of the pumpkin wreath a little fun.  




Step 3

Add in the second color of burlap or ribbon by poking it through in random spots, weaving it in and out just like before.  It is a lot easier than it sounds.




Step 4

With the empty top 1/4 of the wreath weave in the green burlap that you have chosen.   You can add less green and use more orange if you prefer.



Step 5 

Make the stem of the pumpkin with raffia.  As you unfold the bundle, the raffia stays kinked.  Cut it at two folds, so the raffia bundles back up.   Tie it off with wire and then attach the raffia stem to the frame with another piece of wire.  You want to make sure that you secure it to the wire frame and not to the burlap.  It will stick out of the back a bit but it will hang just fine.



Step 6

Add the embellishments.  Now, here is where I went a little over the top.  I bought ribbon thinking it would look great for leaves off of the stem but in the end decided against it.  Opting for a simple bow made out of the extra raffia.  

Much like the stem all you need to do is tie the middle of the bundled raffia together with wire, leaving longer ends on both sides to hand loose.  Make sure to attach the same way as the stem and to use a few extra strands to wrap around the wire covering it, giving a nice finished looked.  


Now you get to display your beautiful wreath for everyone to enjoy!











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