Do you struggle with pumpkin carving ideas and with the creativity that it takes to bring those ideas to life?

 Not all of us are blessed with the talent of those who carve the awesome pumpkins that we see on Pinterest.  No need to feel discouraged because Pumpkin Teeth are the answer to this problem!
Making the steps of carving pumpkins easier than ever.  I like to choose a pumpkin that's on the smaller side of the scale and has scars and blemishes.  Adding natural character, giving that much more life to your carvings.
Now, this is my least favorite part of the whole process. Gutting it is gross!  That is why I favor the smaller pumpkins, scooping out the inside is generally less messy. 
Instead of searching the internet long enough to find a pumpkin carving temple that looks simple to recreate but, actually is not at all!  Opt for a basic face carving, one with a large opening for the mouth, so the Pumpkin Teeth will fit nicely.  
This is the fun part, placing the Pumpkin Teeth and watching your carved pumpkin face come to life that easily!

Aren't these easy and cute pumpkin carvings AWESOME?


With two different styles, fangs or buck teeth, these great accessories are available in small, medium, or larger with an option of glow in the dark.

Leaving you with no excuses for those ordinarily carved pumpkins you have sitting on your front porch.




  • Oct 11, 2016
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