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Farmhouse Style



What is Farmhouse Style and how to achieve it in your home, no matter what era your home was built in.

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The word 'Farmhouse' has become a term not only for style but a way of life.  Not the house on the farm but the farmers that live in the house and work hard to provide for their families.  They live a slower, wholesome life.  Watching their crops grow, taking pride in things that matter, and enjoying beauty in simple things.


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In todays world everything is fast food, 24/7 access, striving to be the greatest, and getting to the finish line first.  

It's no wonder that the Farmhouse Style has become so popular! 
At the end of a hectic day, your home should be your sanctuary.  

Incorporate in your home simple details and organic color, this is the key!  Paint the walls pale neutral shades, adding in color with accent pillows, throw rugs, and plants. Mixing in woods, natural fabrics, and unfinished metals are easier than you think; here are some ways to achieve the Farmhouse look.  



A simple galvanized metal tray or basket like these work well to keep organized spaces



Even a simple sign from our collection can add just the right atmosphere to your room.


And, items like these scale replicas bring back images of the past, recreating the unique atmosphere and harmony of the time.  


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