Easy DIY Refinish

Now that Fall is here and the outdoor activities are coming to an end, we find ourselves turning into DIY junkies to keep us busy

With Saltwash you can create a new look for worn out decor, something that matches perfectly with your Urban Farmhouse Style.

These Cherubs have been around for years, they have seen multiple trends in home decor!  But they have found their way out of the limelight so, instead of keeping them in the closet to collect dust and create clutter, it's time to give the attention they deserve.
The process is quite easy.  Saltwash can be applied to just about any surface and these ceramic Cherubs could use some zest.
For this small project not much paint is needed and when mixed with Saltwash, it can go a long way.  Just enough to make a cake like consistency for nice coverage.
Once the first layer of Saltwash is completely dry you can apply the second layer.   For this project, applying a second layer of regular paint wasn't the look we wanted.
So we decided to use Vintiques Antiqued Brown Soft Wax, giving a totally different look, changing the color of the paint to a sea moss green and filling in at the crevasses created by the Saltwash texture and the nooks of the sculpture with dark brown.  The wax usually leaves the surface feeling tacky in this case you can spray on a clear matte finish.

It's that easy!

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