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DIY Scrapbook Paper Garland

Festive garlands are the hottest thing in home decor right now. Scrolling through your Instagram feed, you'll see so many varieties of beautiful seasonal garlands.  Most of them one of a kind.

Here we walk you through the steps we took in making this cute "Merry Christmas" garland.  Pinterest has so many but, we love this one.  And, we have attached free printables of the retro ornaments and pine trees to add to this garland or to make a separate one to hang alongside like we have.  

If you decide that you are looking for a quick fix for your decorating addiction we have something special for you.  We have pre-made some darling garlands for you, all you have to do is hang it in your home!  Merry Christmas Paper Banner



For those of you ready to make a one of a kind garland here is what you'll need. 

  • scissors and/or paper cutter
  • scrapbook paper -
    • 2 sold colors and thick paper
    • 2 printed designs and thin paper
  • letter stencils - 2 inches
  • pencil
  • Elmers glue
  • thin twine
  • hole punch size - 1/4 inch


First and perhaps the most important, choosing your color scheme. 

For this garland, I wanted the words Merry and Christmas to look completely different yet match.  So, I chose 2 colors for the background on thicker paper and 2 patterned thinner papers that contrast in order for the letters to stand out.



To cut out the letters I used temples to trace each letter.  Since I'm not the best with tracing or cutting on the line, I traced the back side of the paper and flipped the letter template over.  



That way I didn't get pencil markings all over the pretty side of the paper.




When cutting the thick 12 x 12 paper down to 4-inch flags, I used a paper cutter for straight lines.  



Getting 3 strips out of each paper, I used scissors to cut a 'V' in the middle of  the strip.  Making the one piece two different types of flags, which I used to make two sets of garlands.  

Waste not, Want not 



Next, I made a template that was the right thickness to mark where to punch two holes.



I'm a tad OCD so, I like to make sure that each flag looks as identical as I can get them.



So, I used the paper cutter to line up the letters straight and to place them an inch down from the top of the banner.  When gluing, make sure that you don't get heavy handed.  If you apply too much glue the paper will wrinkle.  



Lastly, thread the twine throw the small holes leaving long tails on each end.  This way allows you to slide the flags around to desired placement, which you may not find until the are hung.  




Hang it alone in a straight line or layer them together with various points, either way, your home will look beautiful!


or get the pre-made  "Merry Christmas" Paper Banner




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