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Simple Fall Succulent Wreath

We know you're busy and Fall has its way of sneaking on in.

Which then leaves you feeling way behind in your Fall home decor game, am I right? Sometimes a girl just wants to snap her fingers and have all of those cute DIY projects that are stacking up on your Pinterest boards to just magically be done.  Skipping all the hassle and mess sounds like a great idea to me!

Get ready because this is close.

No mess, zero hassle

Just 5 easy steps to the cutest succulent wreath you will see this Fall.  We literally used 7 items from start to finish, no hot glue or wires needed.  Kinda like magic.  The best part, however, we sell everything you need, well except for the Grapevine Wreath.  That you're going to have to pick up at the craft store.  
We want to share with you a quick little tutorial on how we made the easiest succulent wreath without skimping on the cuteness factor. 

Step 1

Find a Grapevine Wreath, or reuse an old one like we did here.  They hold up well and are easy to undecorate.


Step 2

Moss is a great filler plus, it covers less appealing areas.  It may seem like its just a little piece and you'd never miss it.  But, you will! Break the moss up into smaller pieces and stuff them into bigger gaps of the grapevine.


Step 3

Cotton picks are all the rage right now.  We just used one stem, cut them apart, then bent and twisted until it fit into the grapevine nice and snug.  






Hanging Berry Twig

Step 4

Hanging berry twigs are a unique way to add greenery.  One looks great, if you want to fill things in a little more 2 or 3 twigs would look amazing!  Again, the main stem was bent and twisted to fit and the little hanging twigs were tucked in to keep them secure.  




Step 5

Succulents add color and finish off the wreath nicely no matter how many you use. Just tuck in the stem and your good to go.




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