Winter Lantern Vignette

Bello Lane - Winter Lantern Vignette

The beauty of a Farmhouse Lantern is that it is so versatile. Don’t get me wrong, if creativity isn’t your thing, a simple lantern looks great on its own with some candles. But, if you are looking to step up your styling game, we have a great winter vignette that would be cute in any large lantern that you may already have.

Or, if you are new to the creativity of the home decor world, a lantern is a must have and is so easy to use in any home decorating! The one that we use here is my favorite by far.

After living in the cramped spaces of our homes that have been stuffed to the brim with Christmas decor, simplicity is key for transitioning into winter decorating.
So, we chose five items, the flickering candle, a tall candleholder, a ceramic snowman. and two frosted greenery twigs.

Winter Lantern Vignette - Farmhouse Blue Candle Holder

A variation in heights in relation to the size of the lantern is very important. the goal is to fill the space but not so much that it seems cluttered. The tall candleholder elevates the candle just enough and its bulkiness is offset by the smaller snowman, then the greenery fills in the negative space along the bottom as well as embracing a rustic winter feel.

Bello Lane - Winter Lantern Vignette

Just like that, with very little effort, you have yourself a darling winter lantern vignette.


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