We Found The Best Trays That Will Make You Want More


Do you love decorative trays as much as we do?


  We have been on the hunt for cute trays for a while now and decided to do a round up to share our great finds!   And even better,  we have made them available to you at BelloLane.com



Stylish trays are an essential piece in home decor.  They are so versatile, put them in any room in the house and change up the decor and they will always look great!

The possibilities are endless...

Keep that catch-all countertop organized, serve breakfast in bed, or create a cute little vignette on the coffee table.  You'll never run out of uses for a cute tray and will want more for every room and occasion! 



Get your shopping on...



Metal Serving Tray



Breakfast Tray


Galvanized Round Tray


Farmhouse Wire Covered Platter



Wicker Tray


















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12 July, 2018


I love your blog. And all your ideas and craftyness.

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