Valentine's Day Tablescape


Have you scrolled through all of those cute tablescapes on Instagram or Pinterest and wondered, how do they do it? Well, we have broken down all the details for you. Now you’ll be able to create the prettiest table setting for your Valentine dinner, whether it is for two or a party of eight.

Valentine's Day table set for eight. Gold changes layered with burgundy napkins and whit plates, topped with a red paper heart and a heart shaped purple cookie.

Our most fun tip with this Urban Farmhouse table setting is the table runner. We like the look of the tables natural wood so for this particular setting, we chose to forgo the tablecloth. If you are wanting to add a cloth to your tablescape we suggest something to match the burlap but a few shades lighter or darker. That very first layer we started with, the white one with the little hearts, that is actually wrapping paper! How crafty right? It's cheap, easy, reusable and disposable, why haven’t we been doing this all along? But with that alone it would look too plain so, for the next layer, we used a 10” burlap roll to add texture. Laying it flat felt less than desirable, that's an easy fix. To get the ruffles just take one string from the middle of the burlap piece, pull and then scrunch the burlap down.

Close-up of the burlap table runner

The key to a full, visually pleasing table is layering, caution on the side of too much for the best results. Plate layering is the most important tip we can give you. Chargers are a great way to do so, if you are without, using multiple plate sizes will work too. If you can investing in a set of plate chargers is well worth it, keep them a neutral color so they can be used in many ways. These gold ones seem to fit perfectly with just about anything.

Valentine's Day table close-up of one setting

Napkins are also an easy way to add color and a different texture. Before you get crazy adding things here and there, decide on a color scheme and stick with it. For this setting, it being for Valentine’s Day, we chose pinks and reds with a pop of green from the Spring fern. Because, well we are ready for Spring and all of its beautiful colors. 

Close-up of the fern puff.     Close-up of the feathered fern 

Now that the essentials are in place we can start adding the really fun decor pieces. 

One thing to keep in mind is space. Do you want to serve food from the table, if so you’ll need to leave space for dishes. Or, do you want to serve buffet style from the counter and tease your dinner guest with treats in the middle of the table like we chose to do here. Hey, it reminds you to leave room for dessert!

Close-up of the Glass Bell Dome Pedestal Close-up of the cake plate Close-up the the feather fern, cake plate, and arrow

Because we didn’t want to take away from the amazing table runner we chose decor pieces that are light, glass, and slender. In doing so the eye can easily take it all in, something chunky would be distracting and overwhelming.

  Valentine's Day table scape at a side view

As for the centerpiece, this candleholder is one of our favorites! It’s elegantly simple, adding a perfect ambiance leaving conversations to flow easily.

Close-up on the centerpiece a glass jar lantern

And if you choose to serve dessert first, so be it!



full view of the Valentine's Day tablescape

 view the Valentine's Day

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