Create a Romantic Lantern Vignette

Create a romantic lantern vignette from Bello Lane Urban Farmhouse Decor

Lanterns are an amazing way to subtly add seasonal decor to your home. It’s a great piece that can live in the same spot in the living room all year long or move around to change things up a bit.

Romantic Lantern Vignette from Bello Lane Urban Farmhouse Decor

The point is, dress it up or dress it down you’ll always love your Farmhouse lantern.

Winter Lantern Bello Lane Vignette Urban Farmhouse Decor

The picture is from our ‘Winter Lantern Vignette’ post.

When you are ready to transition your home decor from a wintertime atmosphere to a more Valentine’s Day vibe, we have a very simple yet romantic style for you. I like to decorate for Valentine’s Day but, I usually keep it subtle, just a hint of it here and there. Because, well, it’s a day and not a whole season of celebration. It’s easy to put a few little things together and even easier to clean it up!

Remote Candles from Bello Lane Urban Farmhouse Decor   Urban Farmhouse Lantern from Bello Lane  

 Twilight Candles                              Palladium Lantern

Keeping that in mind, here we have chosen candles to fill the lantern with.  Offering a cozy ambiance, great for this cold weather, and the trio of flickering flame candles have made it to the top of my ‘absolutely must have’ list! These flawless LED candles look as if the wax has been hand poured into its glass cylinder and the little plastic flame moves, simulating a real flickering flame. The three size variations are in perfect scale to each other, adding the curly red heart garland wire for as a whimsical touch.

Romantic Lantern Vignette from Bello Lane Urban Farmhouse Decor

Easy enough isn’t it?

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