Tips For Choosing Room Accents Like A Pro



Choosing accents can be overwhelming when you start shopping through home décor stores. There are so many choices and way too many things that attract your eye.   So, to not make the mistake of just buying at random let's start with some rules of thumb. The principles of crafting a beautifully styled room are the same no matter what your decorative style is.

Having balance is key. If your room is too buzzy, your eyes won't know where to rest. And, on the other side of that, you don't want to have your home feel stark and naked. Balancing the elements in the room distributes the visual weight of the room, allowing your eye to flow effortlessly around the room. 

Let's start with identifying the focal point of the room, maybe it's a fireplace or a piece of art. Then let's work on the key elements in the room.




Determine what you would like the color scheme to be; monochromatic, complementary, or an analogous palette. Once you've decided, select one main color and two more subtle colors, remember the colors found in your textures need to be taken into consideration.




Select a balance of pieces that bring different textures into the room. Reflective surfaces like glass, mirrors, and ceramics bounce light and have a clean feel. While different woods offer a warm natural element. Metals can offer both depending on their finish. 




Look for pieces to set a pattern in the room and then use the rule of three to create a variety. Patterns are going to be set by a fabric, its design or its texture.  Also, the size and shapes of pillows and frames set a pattern. Keep rhythm in mind when repeating elements pattern.



Furniture and accents are a key part of decorating and they play a major role in how we feel inside our homes.  Our homes have the ability to enhances our mood, energy level, productivity, positivity and are a reflection of who we are.  It is also an investment and not to be taken lightly so create a design and map out a financial plan that will work for everyone in your home.

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