How To Style Vintage Clipboards That Will Look Great On The Wall

 How to Style vintage clip boards from Bello Lane Home Decor

Have you ever passed on a cool, unique decor piece because you weren't sure what you would do with it?

That was me with these cute little vintage clipboards, I loved them but I didn't have a clear vision for them.  Creating a fun for a gallery wall would be easy, hang them all in a row and swap out the pictures, notes, or the kids' artwork every so often.  That just wasn't how I wanted to use them in my home.

But, how do you use something as generic as a clipboard to create a completely unique look?
Well after playing around with some different ideas I landed this amazing shabby chic design.  
And here are the short and sweet step to achieve the look yourself!


Layering is by far, my favorite technique when doing any kind of craft of design.  So, I found these doilies that are great backing that add texture and vintage charm to the fower pictures. These ones are about the same size as the clipboard and slightly hang off the edge which is a look that I like.  



As for the pictures, I searched Pinterest for vintage flower printouts and found these awesome vintage photos.  The best part is they have an aged background so that the flower isn't on the stark white paper and blends well with the vintage theme of this little project.  Choose which flowers you love and pair it to the doily pattern you like the most, it is your project after all. 



Once you have your pictures all cut of and doilies selected it's time to attach them together.  Now, you can just put the flower on top of the doily and use the clip to hold them in place. My pictures were a little too short and I wanted them to look centered on the doily so, I just taped the flower cute out to the doily. The edges curl up but I don't mind, it adds character!  If you do not like that look you can use glue to cover the full backside so the two pieces will lay flat. 


These adorable mini clipboards are sold at our home decor store  
They come individually and already have twine attached.


Aren't these chippy fence post boards amazing!  I found them at a yard sale a few years back and they were already put together like this.  The wood planks are nailed to two short pieces on the back so they don't actually sit flat against the wall.



If you are using a wood background like I did here the best way to attach the clipboards is with a simple nail.  I measured the distance from the top so they look somewhat level when they hang.


Clip the doily to the black clipboard and enjoy your finish product!




Vintage Clipboard holder from Bello Lane Home Decor 

Vintage Clipboard Note/Photo Holder


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