How To Decorate A Mantel That Will Look Amazing For Summer

Fireplaces have always played a very important role in homes across the world.  And, with good reason, they are necessary for heating and in doing so they create a warm and cozy environment.

Any old fireplace can be nice but, what makes it so attractive it the mantel!

No matter the natural beauty of the stonework, mantels enhance the elegance and visual appeal. With the right decor, you can transform any fireplace into the home's main attraction. 


There really isn't a right or a wrong way of decorating a fireplace mantel, all that matters is that you like it! After all, you are the one looking at it every day, no me. But, there are certain tips for better placement and fillers to use that will take your mantel decor to the next level.  
Generally, placing one large piece, like this burlap canvas, isn't the best way to go. Especially if your area is smaller like the living space in this picture, it tends to become overbearing.  The large canvas doesn't look bad here but, it's so big that the shiplap wall is covered and it makes the glass window of the gas fireplace look small in proportion to it.  A picture of this size would look more appealing over a wider mouthed fireplace and a taller ceiling height.  



So for this mantel, I wanted to use shorter pieces.  And, nothing says its summer at the farmhouse like a windmill, right?

One of the best tips I can give you is layering your decor!  


It can breathe a whole new life into the decorative pieces.  In doing so, you'll make it your own unique item that you won't find in anyone else's home!  

For example, this windmill is one of our top sellers, no matter where it is hung it looks the same which is great people love it because it is a replica of a windmill.  But, here on the mantel, it looked drab, like it was laking something.  So, in the spirit of summer, I wanted to add a bold pop of color and this piece of corrugated metal that had been chemical rusted did the trick beautifully!



Another great tip!

I always like to cap off a large item with something, here I chose the tall candlesticks, setting one on either side of the windmill.  Yes, it looked good without them but, layering in pieces is gold!  And, it gives us the ability to use these amazing eucalyptus puffs where a candle would traditionally go. 
Now, we have a more detailed, finished look.



When decorating for summer, faux greenery can do wonders! 

The best part, you do not need a vase or a bowl.  Here I simply tucked the stem of this feathered fern behind the windmill blade so it would be out of sight and just let it flow across and over the lip of the mantel.  




This vignette looks as though these pieces have been laying out on farmland for ages and the summer sun has brought to life fern that is growing around it!


But we aren't done there!


Add a little pop of color! 

 I love the look of this little ceramic bird, the turquoise color pops beautifully against the rusty orange.  Giving this mantel setting a hint of summer playfulness!


Very important tip!

When creating a vignette on the mantel, it is important to use like pieces or elements of the same design or pattern.  Because this is a small space if you try to incorporate too many different elements it can become chaotic.
Here I did so by using greenery in various spots, tying in a uniformity with the same color and texture.  Placing candles on the candlesticks would have given a different look and another element that would have felt a tad busier.  


Don'tneglect the floor! 

We cannot only decorate the mantel and call it good, the hearth needs some love as well!
 This fireplace does not have a hearth which means that bulky decor is imperative.  Leaving it blank look odd and out of place,  so we have a furry little bench to give dimension to the fireplace and added an old weathered step stool and plants to coordinate with the mantel decor.  
Now you have all the tips you need to create your own polished mantel for the summer!


MINNEKA JUTE RUG                                 FEATHERED FERN


FERN PUFF                                            WINDMILL


WOODEN CANDLESTICK                           SONG BIRD STATUE 



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