How to create elegant 4th of July accent decor

4th of July accent decor

Want to make your house look more festive for 

Memorial Day, Flag Day and all the way to the 4th of July?

But don't have enough decor pieces to create the look you want? 

Well, here is a simple way to turn your all occasion decor into

a patriotic statement piece that will have a big impact.

I use fiber balls throughout the year in vignettes, baskets, and trays

in every room of the house.  As you can see some get damaged, 

these are the ones we can repurpose.  Here, I took a red burlap ribbon,

dipped it in Mod Podge and wrap the broken fiber ball. 

Bello Lane photo, fiber ball

I like the look, but the fiber ball just won't make a perfectly round sphere.

Bello Lane photo, fiber ball covered with red burlap

So, on the next one, I used a perfectly round wooden ball. 

I wrapped it with a wired burlap ribbon and pinned the end to stay on.

I did not use any Mod Padge because I want to take it off after the holidays.

Bello Lane photo, wooden sphere

The look is ok, not crazy about the gaps but in an arrangement

or in a basket, only a small piece of the sphere will show anyway.

Bello Lane photo, wooden sphere covered with burlap

For the last one, I went back to the unwired burlap ribbon and wrapped

another perfectly round wooden ball, pinning the ribbon at the end.

Again I didn't use any Mod Podge, that way I can temporarily

change the look of my accents to match the season.

Bello Lane photo, wooden sphere covered with burlap

I like this one the best, it's smooth and perfectly round. 

The three look great together, adding a perfect touch of patriotic pride.

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