Get The Look: How To Decorate Your Mantel For Christmas

Styling your mantel doesn't have to be so hard!


With these easy little designer tips, you'll be decorating your fireplace mantel like a pro in no time.


Christmas Mantel by Bello Lane Decor & Design Tip 1: Repeat Colors


Notice how red has been repeated with the decor on top of the mantel, again on the floor, and in the middle with the candy canes.  The same dark green from the metal bows on the bells has been repeated with the berry leaf puff that is sitting under the angel wings and I have used the bright green candleholders to bring out the green writing in the Santa sign.


Tip 2: Object Height 


This fireplace is tall and thin so, when decorating I don't like to use really tall pieces because the mantel sits up high, it would feel a little overbearing.  I like to use one tall piece in the middle; something that reaches a little over the midpoint between the mantel and ceiling.  These old wood fence pieces are just the right height and width for the centerpiece of this display.


Tip 3: Balancing Bulk


Instead of placing sets or matching items together, separate them to break up so it doesn't seem so heavy on one side of the mantel. Notice how I didn't set the matching candle holders together.  I placed them at opposite ends because they are thick pieces that balance each other out well. 


Christmas Mantel by Bello Lane Decor & Design


Tip 4: Layering Pieces


This tip might be the most import, for me anyway.  Layered decor pieces are my favorite trick to making any space feel full and cozy.  With our fireplace mantel, I have a hard time decorating it because has a short depth.  Everything I would love to use up there is too wide!  So, I have to use small or flat items, which makes it hard to look full without it looking like a chaotic mess or awkwardly short.  Layering is the key!


Christmas Mantel by Bello Lane Decor & Design


Tip 5: Decorating the Hearth


Perhaps the finishing touch that can make all your best efforts go to waste. Our fireplace does not have a hearth and the floor area in front of it is just kind of well, awkward so, the bench has been a lifesaver!  You want to use tall decor to draw the eye up from the floor as well as filling in any negative space that may feel like it has been forgotten about. 



With these simple tips, you are sure to have an amazing mantel vignette this Christmas! 



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