Easy Ways to Transition Home Decor from Summer to Fall

Autumn officially starts in late September, but most of us can't
wait until then to start transitioning our home decor from Summer to Fall.
 Adding touches of Fall in anticipation of the upcoming cooler weather,
and changing colors can be re-energizing.
A starting point can be as easy as adding elements of Fall to existing decor, such as pumpkins, dried hydrangeas, pears, apples, or sunflowers.  But, our favorite pieces this year and a sure way to bring in the Fall Season are these fun greenery puffs and twigs.
Corks, burlap, decorative wood and moss globes, dough bowls or
a tray made of metal or wood are also great to incorporate.
Yvonne at StoneGableBlog.com transitions from Summer to Fall seamlessly,
she also has a great article on drying hydrangeas.
As the Fall Season brings color changes in your landscape, Suzy at WorthingCourtBlog.com brings transition of the color palette in her decor.
Transitioning with the non-traditional Fall colors is displayed eloquently by Jamie at SoMuchBetterWithAge.com, her decor color palette is purple and green.  
Looking for more inspirations?
Take a look at BonBon's Fall home tour at Farmhouse40.com.
No matter how you transition your decor from Summer to Fall we hope you find
inspiration here and feel excited about decorating your home for the upcoming Season. 
Thank you for being a part of this community!

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