diy Saltwash Project For Fall Pumpkins

Do you have any old styrofoam pumpkins that have seen better days?  

You know, the ones that have tons of chips and nicks that are getting harder to hide in your Fall arrangements. 

Well, don't worry, because we have the perfect DIY project for you!

By using Saltwash you can easily transform those drab old pumpkins into fabulous Farmhouse Fall Decor.  

Now that you have dug out last years Fall Decor, it's time to get started on re-loving those cheap pumpkins.  


Using Saltwash is so fun and easy.  Simply choose any type of paint, Milk Paint and Chalk Paint tend to be the favorites. Then measure out the appropriate amount of paint and Saltwash powder.


Here are Saltwash Tips

 With the Saltwash and paint mixed with a creamy thick cake-like consistency, use a medium thickness paintbrush in a dabbing or blotting motion for the application.  


On this project, we used a light cream chalk paint color.

Then, once the Saltwash layer is completely dry, a dark brown wax was applied.

 Making the divots and imperfections really pop. Giving the pumpkins a rustic vibe.

Usually, the next step would be to paint a coat of paint without Saltwash mixed in and then sanded to a flat surface.  But for this project, we liked the lumpy imperfect look and opted to finish off with wax.

The beauty of these DIY projects is that you get to put your personal touch on it!

That is it!

 In those easy steps, you have recycled old pumpkins and can start styling your new lovely Fall Decor


Need an excuse for a girls night? 

Get some friends together to make this great DIY project a group activity!

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