4 great tips to create a space that feels intimate.

4 great tips to create a space that feels intimate. 

Our bedrooms are a place we look to for security and comfort, and there are simple ways you can achieve that coveted intimate feeling in your bedroom.  With these simple tips, you will be able to transform your room from boring to cozy easily.  And the best part, they are budget friendly projects!  
These photos of beautifully designed bedrooms are great examples of a cozy space. They are a good way to visualize our four decorating tips, and interpreting them in your own way will end with amazing results!


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Tip 1: Window Treatments

Naturally when we think of intimate and cozy our minds go to dark and thick, which then will lead you into the direction of heavy window coverings that will completely block out sunlight.  That is not what we want for the ultimate goal of a cozy bedroom design; that can make the room drab and depressing. Doesn't sound too great, right?  So, instead choose a lightweight fabric but, thick enough that you can't see through it.  Our goal is to diffuse natural light enough without shutting it out while not letting someone see in from the outside.  Hanging curtains offer a more elegant feel; while pull-down shades keep things clean and simple.  Or, choose to do both like they did in the picture above for a nice layered element, and be sure to hang the curtains a few inches about the window and hang to the floor.  Doing so draws in the eye, making the windows seem larger than they really are.


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Tip 2: Lighting

Creating a warm ambiance is very important in an intimate setting.  Instead of using a generic ceiling light that is bright and concentrated to that one area, change it out for a nice chandler and add lamps or sconces to both sides of the bed.  In doing so you are able to fill the space with a low lighting, allowing harmony to settle over the room.


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Tip 3: Wall color

No matter the wall color, you can go as dark or as light as you want, keep it a rich creamy color.  If the walls are a dark color that you will want to leave the ceiling simple and lighter.  For a dramatic look; light walls and a planked wood ceiling or exposed beams are a perfect choice, it will bring the space down and make it room feel more enclosed and secure.


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Tip 4: Fabrics 

This is an important one, a dark bold patterned comforter and a mess assortment of blanks can be overwhelming and disruptive.  While lighter colored bedding and an oversized area rug soften the space, introduce an assortment of patterns and textures with throw pillows and blankets that are matching neutral color scheme.  Don't be afraid to throw in a dark color or two, just make sure that they are in the same shade tones.  For example, if the bedding in the photo above had a black blanket instead of the grey one, it would stick out like a sore thumb.  The goal is to give the room an overall soothing rhythm.  


                          Now that you have these four great tips                             it's time to apply them to your bedroom! 


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