10 Stunning Summer Decorating Tips You Need To Try Right Now

Trending this year in Summer home decor is vintage books and plant of any variety. Much like Spring decor, Summer is filled with flowers and color but, now we are putting more detail in how we display things. Because without the pretty little details life would be boring.


Here are the hottest trends in home decor for this summer!

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These amazingly styled rooms exhibit the fun-loving, slow-moving relaxed vibe that we all want our homes for the Summer.  Through this little-guided tour of these gorgeous living spaces, I’ll point out the pieces make the room perfect for summer. 


1. Trays

Not only are trays great for severing but they can be a fun platform to showcase decor.  Create cute little vignette on the ottoman like @nestingblissfullyinteriors did here with things for everyday use and it can double as a tray for your coffee mug.


Sure her ottoman would look cute without the wicker tray and the coffee table in the living room of @littlevintagenest would look adorable with the stack of books and pots sitting there alone.  But, using a tray adds a whole new element to these areas and creates an organized cozy vibe. 






2. Antique Scales


These are so fun to keep out all year and redecorate according to the season, that's the best kind of decor, right?  They can be moved room to room and offer a modern twist on a vintage piece that looks great with an interior decor style.


The most popular way to dress up these antique scales is with faux fern puffs. They sit flat on the bottom side to display all alone or stick it in a small decorative pot for extra cuteness!  @loved_by_lace went above and beyond with her scale clock decorating and it's to die for!





3. Buckets  

Are you catching on that plants are EVERYTHING in Summer home decor this year?  @innovative_charm sure did and her front porch with buckets and pots full of plants is what summer dreams are made of!


Live for faux the trend with plants in metal buckets and natural fiber baskets is one I would love to see stick around for a long time! @helloallisonblog would agree, there is no other way for a potted plant to be! 






4. Succulents 

Succulent wall planter

These little plants are my FAVORITE trend in summer home decor and I hope they never...ever go out of style!  @shabbydesertnest has the most amazing wall of succulents!  And the best part, these are faux succulents so they never need water!


She also hit the nail on the head with this photo!  It is everything we love about Summer decor the metal tray, books, potted succulent plant, calming sign, fiber baskets and a nice clean room!




5.  Plants 

Yes, plants are the main attraction in Summer home decor!  Wherever you can fit them, they belong.  The more the better. If one is good 20 is better.  You can never have too many.  All cliches pertaining to an overload of plants applies here! @littlevintagenest knows the art of placing plants!
Don't have a green thumb?  No need to worry faux greenery is perfect for this job!





6.  Signs

Big metal signs are hot hot hot right now!  So, yes if you haven't already it is time to jump on the Farmhouse sign bandwagon!  @nestingblissfullyinteriors has beautifully decorated her dining area with a cute and simple sign.


They are a fun way to personalize a space without feeling cluttered or overbearing. This coffee bar vignette by @shabbydesertnest is just beautiful, there is a lot going on here but with the right balance of trendy decor, she hit it out of the park!







7. Clipboards 

Aren't these things so cute! Using clipboards to display pictures, art, or notes is my newest favorite trend!  What @lizmariegalvan has done here has me swooning! 


This is by far the best way I found to hang pictures and drawing that you would like to change out frequently.  It's a vintage vibe that I can't get enough of and whatever is clipped on is like the cherry on top!



Clip Boards

8. Butcher Paper Rolls

These rolls are just such a fun way to keep a grocery list or leave a note.  Butcher paper rolls make the list because they are practical and stylish, and who doesn't love that?  It doesn't hurt that @laurmcbrideblog has the coolest multi-use space in her kitchen where she has hers hanging!


If you are really feeling the creative itch get one of the wider rolls to personalize with a quote or poem and hand it as art!  @shegaveitago decorated an AMAZING vignette with hers and stuffed it full of plants...loving it!


Butcher Paper Hanger 



Hanging Scale


9.  Vases of Flowers


Vases aren't just for the sake of putting out flowers, they are a huge part of home decor. The right vase can steal the whole show, which is kinda the point right?  @ourfarmhousestylehome did just that with these pretty glass bottle vases.



Keep on point with the trend this summer and use metal vases with a large mouth or ceramic and glass vases with small mouths. 





10.  Candlesticks 


Candlesticks are a timeless piece and with good reason.  They can be a simple or interesting as you'd like.  @littlevintagenest choose white with fun detail and it works so well here!

They can blend in or stand out, add height dimension, and are not limited to candles.  Here we placed eucalyptus puffs onto of the wooden candlesticks to tie in with the plants on the floor.



Candle Holders


With these tips, your home is sure to be ready for long relaxing summer!


Stunning Summer Decorating Tips You Need to try

10 Stunning Summer Decorating Tips From Bello Lane Home Decor


10 Stunning Summer Decorating Tips


Summer flowers in two galvanized metal vases sitting on a hardwood floor

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