10 Stunning Spring Decorating Tips You Need To Try Right Now

The trend this year in Spring home decor is clutter free, simple, and light neutral color.  And, we can't forget about the surplus of fresh cut flowers!

Flowers give quite a sparkle, one we are all looking for this time of year!


These amazingly styled rooms exhibit the airy atmosphere that we all want our homes to look like after a good deep Spring cleaning. I can practically smell the PinSol and feel the sun reenergizing the room!

Through this little-guided tour of these gorgeous living spaces, I’ll point out one thing that makes the room perfect for spring. 

In no specific order, let's start...

1. Use Glass


Glass bottles, glass vase, glass jars..... glass anything and everything!  Now is the time to dig out those glass treasures you have been storing away.  Alicia @ourvintagenest did just that. In this chic space, she ties in all the natural elements of Spring with amazing glass decor.

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2. Use Patterns


They really are a girl's best friend! Any ordinary space can become stunning with the correct mix of patterns.  Janna @yellowprairieinteriorsknow exactly how to mix and match textures and colors, we can learn a lot from her!  This room has a lot of movement but, it isn't overwhelming.  That is because of the color scheme, most of the room is white and browns and, the pop of color form the pillow and area rug are in the same hues.  

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3. Use Greenery


This is the absolute best decor accessory, in my opinion anyway. Erin @cottonstem hit it out of the park with her bedroom wall decor!  Those hoops with small springs of greenery and flowers are the perfect way to add texture without taking over the whole wall, making the room still fell light and airy. Tieing it all together with light pinks, white and floral on the bed.


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4. Keep It Light and Airy  


Probably one of the most important details of Spring decor. After a long winter of hibernating in a warm and cozy living room, fresh air and sunshine is a must. This room of Erin's @mytexashouse naturally has an open airy flow about it, making it an amazing pallet for any way she decorates her living room.  This space is amazing light, feminine, and simple.  A room designed to refresh the soul!


5. Use Baskets 


Who doesn't love a great basket, or five?  Let's face it, one is never enough when it comes to home decor!  Leanne @clareandgracedesigns shares the love of pretty baskets and uses them so expertly.  Add flowers and plants to natural fiber baskets and crates for a finished Farmhouse look, they are also great for keeping blankets and books organized in the living room.

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6. White Decor


The key to a tranquil space in your home.  No matter what it is as long as it is with or light in color, layer as much as you want with white accents. @summeradamsdesigns did just that.  Her elegant living space has plenty of decor items but, it works so well because they are all white and the colored pieces that she has added are soft and uniform.  Only using pinks and golden browns to accent the rooms bright white nature.  This is what sweet dreams are made of!

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7. Replace Decor Pieces


Change things up!  Home decor doesn't have to live in one place all year long. Mix it up, try a piece in a different room, you'll suddenly have a new appreciation for that item.  Doing so will make room for Spring decor for a short time.  This wall display by @blessedonbluefinch is a wonderful display of rearranging for seasonal decor. Her key pieces are in place for a strong structure such as the table, shelf, and wreath board, which would look great on their own.  Showing off her decorating skills though, she created wall space that is versatile for ever-changing wall decor.  Drawing your eye to every pretty little detail without feeling chaotic.  

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8. Get A Wreath  


Having a great wreath for each season is pretty much a must for your go-to home decor items.  They are so versatile, you can put them anywhere on the door, above the mantle, hang on a large mirror, or use one on a gallery wall.  And, the best part, you can display a variety of different Spring wreaths through our home.  If you are looking for an amazing piece to add structure to your mantel, @turqousehome uses my favorite here.  The arched window frame adds character without taking over the show and, display her gorgeous grapevine flower wreath so well!

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9. Add Flowers  


It is what the Season is all about, blooming flowers and sunshine!  Adding fresh cut flowers instantly rejuvenates any space.  @jodie.thedesigntwin always does a beautiful job decorating, you can feel that Spring is in the at her home! The white, creams and light browns in her living space are the perfect backdrop for the multiple bundles of flowers and vibrant pops of color, showcasing the yellow petals and green steam so well.


10. Add Garland  


It isn't just for the Holiday Season. Garland comes in all varieties of plants and flowers, you can create so many different looks with them!  Natalie @vintageporch has a beautiful dining room that is a great example of easily adding Spring touches without having to overhaul the whole room.  She used Wisteria vine garland as the showpiece, hanging it over an old Farmhouse door.  It's simple, natural, and elegant, a great space to share a meal.  

Try them all or only one, as long as you love it you can't go wrong!


Inspiring you to create beautiful spaces! And, we know you will.
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10 May, 2018

Adriana Smith

I am READY for SPRING! Even though we’ve had a fairly anemic winter this year where I live…I am MORE than ready for spring to have sprung already! I can only imagine how those of you back east that are still getting clobbered by winter storms are feeling!

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26 March, 2018


Gorgeous photos! This has inspired me to decorate with things I already have and add fresh touches, as well. Thanks!

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