10 Pieces You Needed For A Simple Tablescape

Tablescape is the artistic arrangement of items on a table.

Have you seen those pictures on Pinterest and Instagram, you know, the ones of gorgeous tablescapes all done up for a dinner party you wish you were invited?  Us too, with a table that beautiful the dinner to be served has got to taste amazing, right?

 Well, keep reading

We have rounded up our top ten must have products and we are giving away some great tips so you can create your own beautiful tablescape this Fall Season.

Most important tip

And, the key to a great looking tablescape is layering.  If you think you can get the same results by trying to use minimal but, still cute pieces.  You will be disappointed,  it's worth the splurge for the table runner or the tablecloth that you don't have already! Start with a simple, yet elegant tablecloth, we like it best having this first layer as a light neutral color.


As for the table runner, bold is best but, not overwhelming.  These sequence "Mermaid" table runners are perfect for the job, adding a bit of glam to the setting.  Placemats are a great way to bring in another pop of color, preferably one that is contrasting to your dishes.  Choose neutral colors for two out of the three fabrics for a better flow, this way you will avoid a mismatched or overbearing setting.

Now that we have the basics out of the way,

time for the fun part, decorating! 





The Fall season is all about a change in nature.  Most of us would think that means you can only use leaves that are turning color.  Sticking with the traditional brown and orange Fall colors, right?  Well, that is not a rule we follow, we love to incorporate our faux ferns and globes to add lush greenery.



Here we used our Feathered Fern as a charger under our simple white dishes.  Three reasons to choose faux over real.  1 they're perfectly cute, 2 they can be reused anywhere in the house, and 3 who wants bug infested natural trimmings on the table? Not us!   





Having the essential place settings situated first actually makes it easier to decorate the center of the table, allowing you a better sense of spacing.



Then, start layering in all of the fun pieces, choosing the tallest item in the middle the two medium height on either end of the table.  Filling in the spaces with shorter items and evening out the with more piece on the opposite end of the chunky piece. 



With this table setting the center piece is a short hand carved wood bowl.  However, it is the largest item and would look awkward if it was off to the side.  Where the focal point is so low we used the tier serving plates to elevate other short items. Making the taller decor in this tablescape on either end of the table, yet keeping it balanced.  This way there are slight differences height and an extra dimension of layering.



Last great tip

Stacking decor pieces.  Using multiple items that are the same size is great but, they can get lost in the vignette pretty easily.  Break it up by using a cute try to set some pieces in.   And, serving plates or candle holders to add height and keep the table from looking bulky. 


With these ten items, you are sure to have the most beautiful Fall tablescape for your dinner party but, the delicious food to serve your guests is all on you.  Trust us, it's better that way!





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